November 15, 2016

The Builders


Girsh Development is a notable builder of high-quality homes in the new home markets spanning the Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania region, with a focus in Philadelphia, Mercer, Middlesex and Bucks counties. Led by a father-son team, Girsh Development provides their clients with the highest level of workmanship and unmatched customer service as the building team creates authentic custom homes. Leonard and Mark Girsh share a lifetime of experience in the construction industry. They are dedicated to create beautiful homes that reflect your lifestyle, reward your hard work and fulfill your dreams.

Before teaming up to build Girsh Development in 1995, Leonard Girsh had been building homes and communities throughout New Jersey. As an immigrant in this country, he worked hard to build a respectable business and create a professional trustworthy brand.

His son Mark brings his own skills and attributes to the table including his strong work ethic and uncompromising commitment to quality. As a youth, Mark swept the houses his father worked on and carefully observed the process of construction. As he got older, he learned more about the business and management aspects of the trade, gaining the hands-on experience and insight that can only be obtained from being a part of a thriving family business.

Decades later, Girsh Development has become a leading builder of quality homes in the industry and Leonard and Mark are still as passionate as ever about what they do. They love to see the end results of their exceptional work and the look of joy on people’s faces after they see their finished homes for the first time.